Course Tour

Hole 1 Par 4 Yardage: Men 289 – 389
Women 240 – 262
Hdcp: Men – 13
Women – 15
A friendly starting hole with bunkering on each side of the fairway. The first fairway is quite generous if you lay back behind the two fairway bunkers or carry over them. The green pitches from back-to-front and it is recommended to keep your ball below the flag.

Hole 2 Par 5 Yardage: Men 436 – 507
Women 372 – 418
Hdcp: Men – 11
Women – 9
An accurate drive and second shot will set up a short pitch to the green. The right side of the fairway has water from tee to green and left side has water and wooded hazard. The tee-shot is visually challenging…but don’t worry, there is more room than appears. The green is protected by a pot bunker and is divided into left and rights sections by a slope.

Hole 3 Par 4 Yardage: Men 307 – 421
Women 269 – 292
Hdcp: Men – 9
Women – 11
The golfer will be presented with a large landing area for the tee-ball. Water runs down the left side of the fairway with left and right fairway bunkering. A well-positioned tee ball will leave a mid to short iron to a multi–sloped green. The green slopes from back-to-front and is guarded by three bunkers on the left side and a back right bunker.

Hole 4 Par 4 Yardage: Men 343 – 454
Women 312 – 329
Hdcp: Men – 1
Women – 5
Typically plays as the longest par four on the golf course. The fairway is very generous and will afford you the opportunity to give the drive a little extra. A right side bunker protects a large undulating green.

Hole 5 Par 3 Yardage: Men 121 – 201
Women 88 – 110
Hdcp: Men – 15
Women – 13
Our signature hole was voted one of the top eighteen-golf holes in Southwest Florida. An island green par three where the predominant slope on the green is from left to right. Most players will want to bail out left of the green, but this will leave the player with a fast pitch, that slopes away towards the water.

Hole 6 Par 5 Yardage: Men 477 – 585
Women 427 – 466
Hdcp: Men – 5
Women – 3
This long par 5 with out-of-bounds that runs down the left side from tee-to-green. The right side has a large bunker and a hazard. The ideal tee-shot is a slight draw started at the right hand bunker. Two good shots should leave you inside 150 yards to a very well protected green. A five is good–a four is great.

Hole 7 Par 4 Yardage: Men 336 – 392
Women 264 – 319
Hdcp: Men – 7
Women – 1
Although a short hole, it is plagued with trouble. A large hazard up the right side of the hole gives the illusion that the fairway is smaller than it indeed is. Bailing out down the left side is not an option as a water hazard runs the full length of the hole. A good drive should leave a mid to short iron to a wide green. The green is terraced and slopes both right and left from the middle. A large front bunker protects the green.

Hole 8 Par 3 Yardage: Men 148 – 210
Women 85 – 106
Hdcp: Men – 17
Women – 17
A forced carry over wetlands to a kidney shaped green, which is well bunkered front and left. A right side pin placement requires thought for correct yardage. The green has considerable sloping back to front. Avoid the bunkers and you can leave this par three with a good score.

Hole 9 Par 4 Yardage: Men 320 – 439
Women 309 – 314
Hdcp: Men – 3
Women – 7
A moderate dogleg right with water down the left side from tee-to-green. The big hitter can try to carry a large group of trees that guard the right hand side of the hole. This will leave the player with a short iron. Players will hit into a shallow green that slopes from back-to-front. Players will benefit by leaving the ball below the pin.

Hole 10 Par 4 Yardage: Men 341 – 434
Women 289 – 315
Hdcp: Men – 2
Women – 12
Often thought of as the most difficult hole on the course. A slight dog leg left to a well-bunkered green. Long hitters will have to shape their drive into the fairway if they plan on hitting driver. A lone palm in the middle of the fairway will provide a good aiming point for most golfers. Ten is a good hole to take a four or five and run.

Hole 11 Par 5 Yardage: Men 411 – 530
Women 383 – 405
Hdcp: Men – 14
Women – 14
Generous landing area for driving pleasure. A well positioned lay-up with leave a short iron approach. The green has two distinct levels and this green puts a premium on the approach shot. The most difficult hole location is on the back right. This location will force you to challenge the water.

Hole 12 Par 4 Yardage: Men 256 – 364
Women 222 – 247
Hdcp: Men – 8
Women – 8
This short par four has an abundance of trouble. A lateral water hazard spans the left side with out of bounds on the right. Water crosses in front of the green with a bunker left front. Players will be able to avoid carrying the majority of the water by bailing out right on the second shot. This will leave them with a pitch to a green that slopes severely from the back-to-front.

Hole 13 Par 3 Yardage: Men 138 – 214
Women 100 – 127
Hdcp: Men – 16
Women – 16
To reach this narrow and deep green a carry over water is required. The green is guarded on the left by a long bunker and mounding on the right. The thirteenth green complex slopes in many different directions and is arguably the most difficult to read on the course. A three is a good score.

Hole 14 Par 4 Yardage: Men 285 – 393
Women 260 – 273
Hdcp: Men – 6
Women – 4
Hole number fourteen puts the premium on a straight tee-ball. It’s in the players’ best interest to favor the right side of the fairway. Trouble looms up the left side of this par four. After a good drive players will be faced with a shot that will have to cross water. The green has a large bunker on the right side and slopes back-to-front and left to right.

Hole 15 Par 5 Yardage: Men 449 – 544
Women 396 – 431
Hdcp: Men – 12
Women – 6
Generally, this hole is true three shot par 5. A straight tee shot is required as the left side has a hazard and water down the right. The fairway has both left and right side bunkers that come into play on the second shot. The green is protected by three bunkers located left, front-right, and back of the green.

Hole 16 Par 4 Yardage: Men 311 – 398
Women 249 – 277
Hdcp: Men – 10
Women – 2
A short par four with a large fairway. Hole number sixteen definitely puts the premium on your approach shot. The most difficult flag on this hole is back right. Best to leave this flag alone and hit it in the center of the green. If you are unable to hit this green, short and left is where you want to be.

Hole 17 Par 3 Yardage: Men 125 – 156
Women 103 – 115
Hdcp: Men – 18
Women – 18
A wetland area runs from the tee and circles the right-front portion of the green. This hole will provide you with the opportunity to get a shot back before heading to the clubhouse. Most players will be faced with a short iron to a very large green. A shot to the center of the green will give the player a good chance of birdie on most hole locations.

Hole 18 Par 4 Yardage: Men 330 – 441
Women 298 – 320
Hdcp: Men – 4
Women – 10
This dogleg left presents a strong finishing challenge. Wetlands and water span both left and right sides of the fairway with a bunker framing the landing area. A good drive should leave a mid-iron or hybrid to the large green. The most difficult flag on this hole is back left. This forces the player to challenge a bunker guarding the left side of the green. The green is very large with little undulation.