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Summer Hydration Tips

If you feel thirsty, this is the first warning of dehydration; your body is using up not only water, but the components which make up the electrolytes your body uses to function. If you lose too much fluid, you can go from hot to heat stroke very quickly while exercising, especially with high heat and […]

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Tee It High and Let It Fly

Today’s golf balls spin much less off the tee than they used to. For you to use that to your advantage and hit longer tee shots, follow one simple tip: tee it high and let it fly.

The reason this cliché came about is simple: back spin equals shorter shots. If you can hit up on […]

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Summer in Full Swing

The course is green thanks to our incredible superintendent, our Junior Tennis campers are cool and refreshed, and southwest Florida is sunny and warm. The summer storms haven’t rained on our mood!

Take a peek at what we’ve been up to and what excitement we have to look forward to!
SWFGJA 18-Hole Tournament
We’d like to thank Southwest […]

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Estero Country Club Named Best in Southwest Florida

Estero Country Club Named Best in Southwest Florida from Estero CC
The News Press recently awarded Estero Country Club this year’s title of Best Country Club in Southwest Florida. We’re proud to be considered the number one social club for fun, rest and relaxation in the region, and named as such by the newspaper’s vast readership! […]

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