Estero Golf Communities

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Are you interested in moving to Estero, Florida? Are you hoping to move into one of the many golf communities located in the area?

Estero, which is located approximately 25 miles north of Naples, is one of the top regions in the Sunshine State for golf enthusiasts.

With 11 unique golf communities, there’s something for every buyer in Estero.

Review These Details

Once you pinpoint Estero as the place you want to call home, it’s time to learn more about the many golf communities in the area. Before you do that, there are a variety of details that deserve your attention:

  • Budget
  • Amenities and facilities
  • Membership dues and costs
  • Golf course designer
  • Golf course rating

While some buyers are okay with living in any Estero golf community, others have specific wants and needs.

Your Options

The best way to learn more about the many Estero golf communities is to visit each one in person. With this approach, you’ll soon understand where to begin your search.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with learning more as your journey begins. Here’s a list of the many golf communities in Estero:

  • Wildcat Run Golf & Country Club
  • West Bay Club
  • Stoneybrook Golf Course
  • Shadow Wood
  • Pelican Sound Golf & River Club
  • Old Corkscrew
  • Miromar Lakes Golf Club
  • Grandezza Country Club
  • Estero Country Club
  • Country Creek
  • Copperleaf Golf Club

It doesn’t matter if you want to live in a country club community or in close proximity to a public course, the many options of Estero will ensure that you find the perfect fit.

Take These Steps

With so much to offer, it’s easy to decide that living in an Estero golf community is the right fit for you and your family.
Before you can turn this dream into reality, here are some of the many steps to take:

  • Visit each golf community to make note of the pros and cons, allowing you to decide if it’s somewhere you’d like to live
  • Compare the amenities of each community, ranging from the golf course itself to other facilities (such as the swimming pool and club house)
  • Schedule appointments to visit several homes in your price range, spanning multiple communities

There’s nothing more exciting than searching for a home in an Estero golf community.

If you’re ready to get started, contact us for more information on each community and an overview of how we can help. From there, you’ll be well on your way to finding your dream home and living the good life!

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Estero Country Club’s Golf Course Restoration Update #10

Administrator : June 20, 2018 10:26 am : Blog, Golf Course Restoration

This week’s communication update includes “Fun Facts” about the scope in “numbers” of the work being done on the golf course and around the Clubhouse:

  • The Greens are planted with Tif-Eagle sprigs at a rate of 25 bushels per 1000ft2. After planting, irrigation is applied to the Greens at an average of 6-7 minutes every half hour throughout the day. During the Greens construction, 1578 cubic yards of a 90% sand, 10% peat mix will be added to the Greens.
  • Fertilization is applied to the greens every 7 days at a rate of ½ lb. of Nitrogen per 1000ft2.
  • After the Fairways, Roughs and Tees are sprigged, they will be irrigated at least once every hour and will require weekly fertilization for about the first 10 weeks.
  • During the restoration, we will install over 270,000ft2 of sod. This equates to 540 pallets of sod! Crews have already laid over 100,000ft2 of sod on the back 9 holes.
  • 680’ of new Sea Wall was installed on 2 and 16. This includes pilings ranging in size from 3’ to 8’ driven into the ground and placed every 5’. All of this work was completed in under 3 weeks.
  • An estimated 7,640 cubic yards of earthwork will take place during construction. This includes excavation of lakes on holes 5, 12, 14, 15 and 16.
  • It will take 1,629 tons of “G-Angle” bunker sand to fill the Bunkers when complete. This is nearly 70 dump truck loads of sand.
  • 3,300’ of storm drain pipe has been replaced on the course. In addition, 6,330’ of drainage pipe along with 58 new catch basins will be installed throughout the golf course, properly draining low lying areas in fairways in rough.
  • 5,700 ft2 of “Rip Rap” rock will be installed on the golf course. Most notably on holes 5 and 18.
  • As part of our landscaping plan, we will be planting over 13,000 trees and plants. 4,300 will go to the clubhouse, 3,800 planted near and along the railroad tracks on holes 1, 2, 14 and 15. Almost 5,000 plants and trees will be installed on the golf course itself. Out of all these plants, the “in-house” golf course maintenance staff will be installing 85% of them. The large trees will be installed by an outside contractor. These trees and plants will require daily watering by staff until fully established.
  • The Clubhouse irrigation installation will require over 800 new sprinkler heads, 6000’ of drip tube irrigation, 3,000’ of pipe and 13,800’ of electric control wire all installed around the Clubhouse area.

Check out the more videos on our YouTube Channel!

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Estero Country Club’s Golf Course Restoration Update #8

Administrator : June 6, 2018 1:58 pm : Blog, Golf Course Restoration

After nearly two months of construction, the back 9 holes at Estero Country Club are starting to resemble a golf course again. During the restoration process we have celebrated certain milestones along the way. The construction start date, first greens shaping, initial grass being laid, and last Friday we mowed new grass for the first time. We took advantage of a dry afternoon and mowed and edged all of the collars on the back 9.

  • As previously mentioned, all the collars on the back 9 have been sodded. We have also sodded steep slopes around greens as well as around drain basins in the fairways. This week we will begin sodding rough areas around bunkers, slopes and lake banks.
  • The back 9 greens were sprigged on Tuesday, June 5th. During this process, the sprigs were delivered from Pike Creek Turf Farm in Adel, Georgia. They arrived via refrigerated truck to ensure they remain fresh while in transit. Prior to planting, the golf maintenance staff applied “pre-plant” fertilizers to all the greens, this will provide the plant the nutrients that are needed to begin the grow in the process. The sprigs were spread out on the greens by hand at a rate of 25 bushels per 1000 ft2 followed directly by a tractor with a slicing and rolling unit on the back that cuts and rolls the sprigs into the green. Immediately after completing each green, irrigation is applied continuously to ensure adequate moisture is present in the soil at all times. Heavy irrigation will continue throughout the first couple of weeks of growth combined with weekly fertilizer applications. After the first couple of weeks, once the sprigs have established healthy roots and the grass begins to grow laterally across the green surface we will then back off the water slightly and continue weekly fertilization. We will look to start mowing the greens after about week 3 or 4. This will be another milestone that we will be sure to share with you!
  • Concrete cart path work has been completed on the back 9. Repairs have been made to broken sections of path and new cart paths have been laid on certain holes per the architects plans. On hole number 10 you will see the cart path has moved closer to the tees that have been properly aligned to the fairway. The path on number 13 has been raised up as much as 4 feet in some areas where we would encounter flooding in the past that would render the path undrivable. By rerouting the path slightly leading from 17 green to 18 tees, we were able to alleviate some flooding problems that we have seen in the past.
  • Landscaping work continues on holes 12 and 13. Copperleaf, Cocoplum, Green Buttonwood, Wax Myrtles and Bougainvillea have been planted to add some native plant material as well as some color on these holes. We are expecting another plant delivery this week at which time we will continue our install on holes 10, 11 and 17.
  • The seawall on #2, as well as the replacement wall cap on #5, were finished this week. This completes all of our seawall work on the course.
  • Contractors are continuing with the installation of the irrigation at the Clubhouse. This week they are working around the administrative offices as well as along Vintage Trace towards the tennis courts. The irrigation install is still behind by a couple of weeks, but progress is being made. They have allocated more staff to our project to try and make up some time. Hopefully with the weather cooperating they will be able to complete the front of the Clubhouse by weeks end.
  • Rough shaping of the practice and cart staging area continues. The golf maintenance staff will be installing “sleeves” underneath the brick paver and concrete areas throughout the practice and staging areas. These sleeves will prove valuable in the future allowing us to run electric, water or any other utilities underground without disturbing the pavers or concrete. Base rock is scheduled to be installed later this week throughout the staging area and leveling and final shaping will begin.
  • Clarke Construction has finished all of the stripping and burying of material in the disturbed areas on the front 9. They are now working on rough shaping throughout the front.

Check out this week’s video updates!

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Estero Country Club’s Golf Course Restoration Update #6

Administrator : May 22, 2018 12:18 pm : Blog, Golf Course Restoration

As we started to experience last week with 2.5” of rain, we can definitely say the dry season has come to a screeching halt this week with an accumulated 8” of rain. Forecasters are keeping an eye on a low- pressure area in the Gulf of Mexico that has some potential for development as we near the holiday weekend.

While we do not expect a major storm, it certainly guarantees our continued rain pattern. Construction was slowed slightly this week, mostly with the laying of concrete for cart paths but the past few days have been relatively dry and we expect to pour additional concrete in the next few days. The cart path work is completed on hole 12 thru 15 and started on 10.
Additional highlights:

  • Rough shaping continues on the remaining holes on the back 9 and should be completed in the next 2 weeks barring any weather-related delays
  • Stripping and burying material including the driving range and the staging areas continues on the front 9
  • Storm drain pipework is 90% completed, the only section remaining but we expect to be completed by the end of today is a small section on the back of #3’s green tee
  • Irrigation installation continues around the Clubhouse and the surrounding common area. Our goal continues to have this work completed by June 1. This part of our work is about a week behind schedule
  • Clubhouse plant material installation should commence the first week of June
  • Our first plant material delivery was this morning for the golf course. Much of the initial planting will focus on holes 12, 13 and 14. Large trees that are to be installed on the back 9 will be delivered Wednesday and installation will begin immediately. Although landscaping will be ongoing throughout the summer we are focusing on large plant material installation first to avoid any new grass damage with equipment.

The most dramatic change this week continues on hole #16 with the installation of the seawall. As you can see from the pictures below, the work is almost complete and looks awesome! As soon as we complete the work on #16 we will start reconstruction of the seawall on #2.

Enjoy this week’s drone videos:

Click to see update two, three, and four!

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Tips for Choosing Tables and Chairs for Your Event

SEO iPartnerMedia : May 17, 2018 2:22 pm : Blog

One of the most difficult things with having a party is choosing the right tables and chairs. Whether you’re having a graduation, wedding, barbecue, or another type of gathering, you want to make sure that you have the right tables and chairs for the event.

This will help you make sure that everyone is comfortable at your next event and that you have enough for everyone. Below are some tips that you can use for deciding the types of chairs and tables you need and the amount. Make your next event a success!
more »

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Estero Country Club’s Golf Course Restoration May Update

Administrator : May 15, 2018 2:36 pm : Blog, Golf Course Restoration

Southwest Florida is finally receiving some rain and we couldn’t be happier! As of Sunday, the club received 2.5” inches of rain which, helpfully, firmed the ground, allowing our contractors to better shape tees, bunkers and greens. We just hope we don’t get too much and have productivity wane.

We have been so lucky to have Gordon Lewis onsite. Last week, he spent a considerable amount of time checking progress, setting elevations and staking out the new practice area. He is starting to finalize green shapes and surrounds. Later in the week, he approved the initial rough shaping of the first six (6) greens which resulted in the contractor adding the 1-2 inches of new Greensmix and rototilled it in with the current greens mix.

The final shaping will occur this week in anticipation of our first grassing. Our supplier for Tif-Eagle green sprigs advised us that our delivery will be delayed about a week because of some unfavorable growing conditions in Georgia this spring. Our first delivery is now expected June 4. This will only delay the first grassing about 5 days and will not affect our targeted re-opening.

Crews will begin installing sod around greens, bunkers, tees and steep slopes the week of May 29. This allows the sodded areas to be completed prior to the sprigging process. After the initial six (6) holes are grassed, our goal is to continue grassing six (6) holes every two weeks until completion. We anticipate the entire course to be completely grassed by mid-July.

Additional highlights:

  • Seawall construction on 16 has begun (see picture below). The first pilings on both the fairway and green side of the lake have begun and once completed the framing on the lakeside will start.
  • Concrete crews have been framing and repairing cart path areas (see the second picture). They have already poured concrete on 13 and 14 and will continue weather permitting through the back 9. It is important that all concrete work be completed prior to irrigation of the new grass…water and new concrete does not mix.
  • Large equipment has now moved to the front 9. They have started to strip areas where needed, removed concrete and begun digging “bury pits” to dispose of the material.
  • Crews are working on the practice area, 1 and 9. They will progress away from the clubhouse and go to 7, 6, 2 and so on.
  • Work continues on storm drain pipe on the front 9. Hole 6 is completed, and they are currently on 4. We expect this project to be completed by the end of the week.
  • Our first delivery of trees and plant material is expected the week of May 21. All large trees and plants will be installed prior to grass being put down to prevent any damage. Smaller plant material will be installed by the golf course staff.
  • Our largest focus this past week and continuing is irrigation. Additional irrigation, repairs, and modifications are part of the work and must be completed prior to the installation of grass. To put this past week’s irrigation work into perspective, we have installed over 5000 feet of new electric wire!
  • Our Clubhouse irrigation installation continues as well. The main road, parking, and sidewalk crossings have had the sleeves bored underneath areas where needed. Crews are on site working on the mainlines. Lateral lines and sprinkler heads will be next.
  • Upon completion of the irrigation work, the focus of the golf course staff will be the installation of landscape material.

Check out our latest pictures below or check out our videos!


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ECC’s Golf Course Restoration Continues

Administrator : May 8, 2018 12:27 pm : Blog, Golf Course Restoration

Construction is moving along on schedule with no setbacks and project progress this week on the golf course has been substantial.

Gordon Lewis has been on site multiple times each week checking on progress and making minor modifications. This will continue throughout the restoration, including giving his approval on each step before we start the next phase. He has been very conscious of our goals and expectations and we have no doubt that he has the best interest of the Club in mind with every decision he makes. It is very comforting to see the amount of time he spends on each hole before giving his final seal of approval.

This Week’s Updates

    • Stripping and burying of material on the back 9 is complete and crews are now working around the practice area and 1.
    • Gordon Lewis has staked out the new cart staging area and islands near the Pro Shop. This area will be “rough shaped” over the next week. Final shaping, brick pavers, and concrete work will not occur until near the end of the project to prevent any unnecessary damage.
    • The scheduled 6 holes to be grassed the last week in May is on target. Six (6) holes at a time will be completed to ensure our irrigation system can adequately keep up with the water demands of new sprigs and sod. It is vital that we keep the correct amount of moisture in the soil during the grow-in process. Once grassing commences at the end of May, it is our goal to grass six (6) holes every 2-3 weeks until completed. The first holes will be numbers 10, 13, 14, 15, 18 and green side of the bridge on 12, and the fairway side of the bridge on 16.
    • To prevent any erosion from heavy rains, sod around the collar of the greens, bunker surrounds and any areas that are on steep slopes/hills will be laid, once complete the sprigs for the greens, tees, fairways and rough will be done.
    • “Rough shaping” of the greens on our first six (6) holes is almost complete. After Gordon Lewis gives his final stamp of approval, an additional 2” of Greensmix will be added to ensure we have uniform greens mix in our soil profile. We will then till this new mix with the existing mix along with our pre-plant fertilizer and soil amendments. Final shaping and grass will be laid once Gordon Lewis gives his final approval of the work.
    • Storm drain work is complete on the back 9. The crew has moved to the front and started on hole 6. Two weeks approximately is left on this portion of the project.
    • Artistic Structures will arrive this Wednesday to begin the installation of the new sea walls. Work will begin on the fairway side of the lake on 16 eventually moving to the green side. Once 16 is completed they will work on replacement work on hole 2. We anticipate this to be completed in a month.
    • The golf course maintenance staff has been working almost exclusively on irrigation over the last week. Completing a golf course renovation of this magnitude all the while keeping the existing irrigation system undamaged has proved to be challenging. With changes in elevations, slopes and the topography of the course, in general, has resulted in us making many irrigation modifications and adjustments. Many sprinkler heads and in some cases entire lines of pipe need to be raised, lowered and/or moved to accommodate the new features. The amount of heavy equipment necessary to complete the renovation is not very friendly to our existing pipe and sprinklers. Even with us properly marking our lines and heads many areas are damaged by the weight of the equipment alone. Extremely shallow pipe and electric wires are also to blame in some instances. With over 1200 sprinklers on the golf course, this means we have over 1200 different electric wires connecting these heads to the control boxes. Any small cut in the wire will cause the sprinkler to malfunction.
    • Work has begun on the new Clubhouse irrigation system. The new HDPE pipe main lines are being installed first. Boring/Drilling crews are on site installing pipe under roadways, parking lots and sidewalks where necessary. After the mainline work is complete, work will begin on the installation of the smaller lateral lines, valves, electric and eventually the sprinklers themselves. We are still on schedule to finish the irrigation by June 1st and then commence on the landscape plan.
    • Take a look at this month’s Estero Country Club Blog

Check out our earlier updates for a full scale of our progress!

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Get a Bird’s Eye View of Our Golf Course Restoration

Administrator : April 30, 2018 4:23 pm : Blog, Golf Course Restoration

Get an inside look at how our golf course restoration is moving forward. As we enter a new week for our course, we wanted to give you a bird’s eye view of the construction.

In the video below, fly with us as we provide an audible description of what you’re seeing, what you can expect in the next coming weeks, and how are incredible team and construction crews are progressing.

Inside Our Golf Course Restoration Project

Last week, we were lucky enough to have Gordon Lewis on-site for three days to inspect the construction progress and map out areas of opportunity. We love Gordon Lewis’ design and wanted to continue to have him as part of the process. He identified several areas of for elevation, mounding, and shaping around the course, including the 14th hole. Prone to erosion, the 14th hole will now have control measures installed as well as features that will prevent any run-off of material into our pristine lakes.

We are keeping a close eye on green foliage and will be spot-spraying areas. It’s vital that old grass does not have the chance to sprout before we install our new Celebration and Bimini Bermudagrass. In the meantime, the fairways were cleaned up and our mowers height has been lowered to cut away dead turf.

Our dedicated staff is hard at work, picking up as much dead turf material as possible with our raking and vacuum equipment!

While we keep a diligent eye on our turf, we also have several projects occurring at once.

The back nine projects include:

  • Stripping the turf in disturbed areas on holes 12, 13, 14 and 15
  • Clarke Construction began coring out the 13th green, and shaping the tees and fairway on the 14th hole
  • Storm water connector pipe replacement has started on the 10th and will continue on the back 9 before moving to the front in approximately 3 weeks

A Face-lift for the Entire Country Club

Our golf course isn’t the only thing that’s changing! Our clubhouse landscape and irrigation system is being restored, as well.

The Laurel Oak trees along Vintage Trace in front of the clubhouse are also being removed in accordance with our landscape plan. After 20-25 years, our Laurel Oaks have outlived their useful life and have begun to look unhealthy.  They no longer have a full canopy of leaves and we felt that it was time for an upgrade!

Our beloved Laurel Oaks will be replaced with eleven Magnolia trees of the “DD Blanchard” variety which have proven to grow quite successfully in southwest Florida.

None of the Live Oak trees in the parking lot or at the club entrance will be disturbed. The Sabal Palm trees that are located between the pro shop and the driving range will also be transplanted on Wednesday to new locations along hole 1 and 15.

Don’t Miss an Update

Needless to say, we’ve been quite busy! We’re so excited to bring you each new update so you can go on a journey with us!

Stay updated on our golf course restoration project but routinely checking our Facebook and YouTube channel for updates!

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No Better Memories than Ones Shared

Administrator : March 21, 2018 10:03 am : Blog

Planning an event is great fun; planning your event at Estero Country Club is complete bliss!

From fairytale weddings to innovative business meetings, the venues at Estero Country Club are versatile and exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Estero Country Club has gorgeous long windows lining the walls. Golden sunlight pours into the room during the evening, and twilight is a magical hour! You can capture the perfect photograph for your album just as the sun is setting.

There is room for up to 280 guests, and guests will certainly enjoy our exquisite, cherry-stained chairs.

You might be wondering, what kind of events can I plan at Estero Country Club?

The answer is virtually anything. Weddings, business meetings, family reunions or Sunday get-togethers!

Here’s a quick list of events for inspiration:

  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Wedding Anniversaries
  • Memorial Gatherings
  • Athletic Banquets
  • Work Seminars
  • Family Dinners
  • Golf Groups
  • Neighborhood Gatherings

Estero Country Club Birthdays!

“It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to!” Whether you’re Lesley Gore or her number one fan, there certainly won’t be any crying here at Estero Country Club on your birthday—you’ll be having too much fun! There isn’t a better place to bring family and friends together to share in celebrating a birthday.

Another year of life is definitely a perfect reason to break out your dancing shoes and hit the dance floor with your new, one-year-older moves! Our amenities are top-notch; we’re ready to throw you the party bash of the year! Your friends and family will be talking about it for years.


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Out with the old and in with the new, we’ve recently undergone renovations. You can borrow our dining halls, and let the blue skies take care of the rest. We’ve got a location to make your wedding last!

Come in and celebrate your special day with us! We want to make your wedding planning easier, stress-free, and satisfying.

We know that wedding planning requires a tremendous investment of energy, time, and effort. Every wedding planner needs strong attention to detail, but also, as every realtor would say, “location, location, location,” which is the most important detail of all.

Estero Country Club has a stylish main dining room that will make your special day that much more extraordinary! Crisp linens, show-stopping centerpieces, exquisite dining are just a few of the elements that turn our traditional club ambiance into a storybook wedding.

Wedding Anniversary

Sometimes we need a little “spice” in our life. What better way to spice up an anniversary than renewing your vows! The second walk down the aisle lets you experience everything in a new and thrilling light. Renewing your vows is a wonderful experience, and Estero Country Club wants your “second” special day to be just as memorable as the first!

Business Meetings

It’s not uncommon for business meetings or special corporate events to take place at our venues. The surrounding greenery is a pure, natural beauty—simply irresistible to the striving and thriving professional.

Our beautiful landscape is the ideal business meeting location for any industry. Here, your employees will not only enjoy the peaceful setting but also the vintage elegance of our dining halls.

Work Seminars

Keeping your employees up-to-date is vital to the success of any business. Luckily, we have the comfortable workspace to make any innovative work seminar engaging, interesting, and worthwhile.

Even in terms of burnout, when the work week has dragged on and you feel like your team is dwindling, Estero Country Club has a bit of magic to stir up inspiration. We want you to be successful in all your endeavors! So, don’t hesitate to round up the office, take a field trip, and let your team follock happily within our dining halls and greenery.

Family Reunions

Perhaps you’re looking for a simple room for a small family reunion. No worries! The Palm Room is a great option for folks to have a group of forty or under. Plus, the Palm Room is notorious for a fantastic view of the golf course and tennis courts.

Bringing the family together takes time, and only occurs on rare occasions. We want you to enjoy your family-time, with quality food, outstanding customer service, and a peaceful environment.

Graduation Party

You’ve finally made it to the end of the tunnel, and you’re definitely ready to unwind! There is no better place that Estero Country Club to throw your graduation party. We want to congratulate you on your success and celebrate with you along with your family members.

Whether you have a small or large party, we have the resources to accommodate you and your party. If you’re interested in a small venue, we have the palm room or Estero Country Club for larger parties.

Do keep in mind…

Being a member of Estero Country Club has its perks.

We have special member events located in the dining halls as well. So if you’re hesitating on scheduling an event just remember that as a member of our club, you can always venture into an event to get a closer look at the venues. You’ll be able to experience, first-hand, the adventure of planning an event in Estero.

If not, we’d love to schedule a tour so that you can view the venue and receive more details about planning your event in Estero! Our club is dedicated to our members and their needs. We’re certain that our dedication and amenities combined will serve to produce an unforgettable event! Give us a call today, or fill out our event form.

As a member of Estero Country Club, planning your event in Estero is easier. You’re also able to enjoy invigorating activities, exciting social events, fun-under-the-sun golfing, delectable cuisine, elegant structures, and a warm, inviting community!

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Benefits of Golf Course Restoration

Administrator : February 27, 2018 10:45 am : Blog, Golf Course Restoration

As many of you know, Estero Country Club is restoring golf course. Golf course restoration is an exciting endeavor that we’ve been planning for quite some time.

Concerned that the course you love so much will be changed forever? Don’t fret! The golf course restoration will make our course better than ever.

Why ECC is Restoring Our Golf Course

So, why are we restoring our golf course? Our beautiful course has been loved and played for many years. It’s time for a refresh, a new look to reclaim our identity and make our member’s golf experience on par with the pros!

Our original golf course architect, Gordon Lewis, has helped us develop a plan the updates our course without drastic changes.

We love our course, plain and simple. This restoration will tidy up the course and encourage players of all ages and skill level to dust of their clubs and start swinging!

ECC’s Golf Course Restoration Begins

The golf course restoration groundbreaking is scheduled for March 12th!

“[It’s] an opportunity to revitalize the golf course and make some much needed improvements.” says Estero Country Club’s Superintendent, T.J. Shine, “The original golf course architect, Gordon Lewis, has put together a plan to update the course without changing or compromising the existing layout that is widely considered some of his best work. The renovation work will touch all 18 holes in addition to the practice area, driving range and clubhouse grounds.”

Benefits of Golf Course Restoration

We are so excited to begin our restoration. It’s an exciting time to be a member, and a fresh look is much needed after the normal wear-and-tear of many years playing a beautiful course, plus the unexpected effects of Hurricane Irma.

We welcome guests and members to get in on the action, participate in our annual meeting, March 12th, and get excited for their new course!

Additional benefits of a restoration is the course itself! Did you know that golf course help the wildlife and even aid the environment?

According to the United States Golf Association, golf courses:

  • Provides wildlife habitat
  • Protects topsoil from water and wind erosion
  • Improves community aesthetics
  • Absorbs and filters rain
  • Improves health and reduces stress for more than 24.5 million golfers
  • Improves air quality
  • Captures and cleanses runoff in urban areas
  • Discourages pests (e.g. ticks and mosquitoes)
  • Restores damaged land areas (e.g. former landfill or mining sites)
  • Makes substantial contributions to the community’s economy

Join Us for Our Gold Shovel Groundbreaking

We invite you to our golf course Gold Shovel Groundbreaking and annual Estero Country Club, Monday, March 12 at 9am.

Near the first tee we will be joined by the Village of Estero Mayor, Jim Boesch, and Councilman Jon McLain, as well as the Estero Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board, Gene Montenieri!

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